The first week of our fall season is Sept. 29th!

Autumn Leaves background And, it's the last chance for new dancers to join
our Mainstream square dance class. If you've
already come to a Barn Dance (or not!) try out our class,
and bring a friend! 

We're moving on October 6th!

to: The Billerica COA building
     Concord Rd., Billerica, MA (- Directions -)

Everyone can join in on Sept. 29 (There's no hay!) 

We hope you'll join us this week!

Our next Raid dance is at Riverside Squares this weekend
Saturday, Oct. 1st
Kip Moulton calling
Linda Moulton cueing

8:00 - 10:30 pm, All Saints Episcopal Church, Danvers (map)
Plus dancing with early A1 at 7:30 pm

Want To Be Healthier? Give Square Dancing A Whirl!

Looking for a fun way to get some healthful exercise, keep your mind sharp, and meet a bunch of friendly people? Then you might love Modern Western Square Dancing, which has undergone an explosion of popularity and innovation. An evening of this sociable activity offers the benefits of low-impact physical exercise and the mental challenge of moving through complex patterns, plus the fun of interacting with friendly folks. We still do the old-time Do-Sa-Do and Grand Right & Left, but nowadays we also Spin the Top, Wheel & Deal, Swing Through, Cloverleaf, Zoom and many other figures involving brisk movement and quick thinking. Learning these calls is easy and fun. No dancing experience is necessary. If you can walk and smile at the same time, you can enjoy Modern Western Square Dancing!

No  partner? No problem! The Single Squares of Massachusetts was founded to help people without a regular dance partner, but all our activities (classes, dances, exhibitions) are open to singles, couples and children 10 yrs and older. We mix-&-match to assure that everyone is dancing.

Join us for our first Barn Dance on Thursday, September 15th in our hall at St. Malachy's Church in Burlington. Our Caller, Bob Butler, will delight and entertain you as you learn new figures. Experienced "angel" dancers will help you through all the turns. For fun, exercise, and new friends, stop by and try Square Dancing!

It's friendship set to music!

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For information, call Carol: 978-637-2059
Or Ken: 617-840-0225
Or write us at:

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    Scott Cohen img

Single Squares dances every Thursday year round
from 7 - 9:30 pm
at St. Malachy's Church
99 Bedford Street, Burlington, MA (map)

Caller: Bob Butler
Cuer: Scott Cohen
Club Information

Round dance classes are taught from 7 - 7:30 pm. Mainstream is taught 7:30 - 8:45 pm . Plus dancing with Rounds continues for the club until 9:30.

Monthly dances are at Mainstream level with 2 Plus tips and alternating Rounds.

Join us for a tip sometime!

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